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    If you haven't seen the two-DVD set, "The Impressionists", you don't know what you're missing!


    I rented it from Netflix and absolutely loved it. It is an enactment of the lives of Monet, Renoir, Manet, Cezanne, Degas, and other Impressionist painters living at that time around Paris. Fascinating and eye-opening!


5×5″ (7×7″ with frame), Acrylic on board
Framing included!
SOLD! Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com to inquire about a similar painting.

This is a nocturnal scene of Bannerman Castle over the Hudson River, with a full moon reflecting in the water and backlighting the castle. I painted this from a photo that I took before the collapse of much of this side of the tower a couple of years ago. Fortunately, restoration efforts are underway to try to save the remainder of the structure from a similar fate.

In order to add a little more sparkle to the painting, I used some Golden Iridescent paints along with traditional acrylics. I wanted the glimmer to be subtle, so that one would see it when walking by the painting as the angle of light changes. This sometimes causes paintings to have odd areas of glare and milkiness in photo images of the work, but adds a lot to the experience of seeing the piece in person, or owning it! I used two references for this painting. One was a plein air piece that I did on the night of a full moon over Peach Lake. The other was a daytime photo I took of this scene from a boat on the Hudson River. I used the landscape elements from the photo, and combined them with the color and light effects from the lake painting.

A portion of the proceeds of this painting will be donated to Bannerman Castle Trust for their continuing construction on the site. Although nobody is allowed on the island unaccompanied, the Trust conducts boat tours of the island and its structures. They go from Beacon and Newburgh to Bannerman Island, where visitors disembark, tour the seven acre island and castle ruins, and hear about the history.

Below is a larger file that you can click on for a slightly expanded view of the painting:


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