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    If you haven't seen the two-DVD set, "The Impressionists", you don't know what you're missing!


    I rented it from Netflix and absolutely loved it. It is an enactment of the lives of Monet, Renoir, Manet, Cezanne, Degas, and other Impressionist painters living at that time around Paris. Fascinating and eye-opening!

5×7″, oil on oil primed linen panel
SOLD! Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com to inquire about a similar painting.

This vista of the Hudson River from Bear Mountain is spectacular. I had one of those days of perfect spring weather to paint outside — not too cold, not too hot, not too windy, and shade! What more could a painter ask for?

It seems that everywhere I look lately, I’m stepping on or looking at the Appalachian Trail. Although I wasn’t thinking about it when up atop Bear Mountain painting this scene, the Appalachian Trail goes right across this very bridge over the Hudson River. I can’t even imagine the thrill that it must give to all those weary hikers to arrive at this spot and be walking across the Hudson at the entrance to the Hudson Highlands. Surely it must be one of the highlights of the entire trail. Through this section of the River, dramatic mountains rise up on either side, with bends and twists of the Hudson around the steep banks. The Highlands section runs from this area between Bear Mountain and Anthony’s Nose, up to Breakneck Ridge and Storm King to the north. This southern portion of the Hudson Highlands is quite a haul for me by car, so I don’t get down this way nearly often enough.

I broke my toe a few weeks ago, and spent the entire morning standing up and painting. By the afternoon I was sore, and took the easy way out. I sat in the shade of my big umbrella, painting comfortably with my little 5×7″ Guerrilla pochade box on my lap, and a Diet Coke by my side. Perfect!

One Response to “Looking Over the Bear Mountain Bridge”

I love this painting and was wondering if you sell a print of this? Would love to get
My hands on one! Please let me know if it’s possible to obtain one! Thanks Kimberly Jones

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