Sept. 8-10 (Tues.-Thurs.)
    Acrylic and Oil
    In the studio and plein air 140730 Olana 20x30 ac scene
    I'll be teaching a three day landscape painting class at Olana (in Hudson, NY) from September 8-10, 2015. It will run daily from 10am-4pm. I am only taking 12 participants, so be sure to save the dates and sign up early. It's now up on the Olana website. You can read more about it and register by clicking this link.

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    If you haven't seen the two-DVD set, "The Impressionists", you don't know what you're missing!


    I rented it from Netflix and absolutely loved it. It is an enactment of the lives of Monet, Renoir, Manet, Cezanne, Degas, and other Impressionist painters living at that time around Paris. Fascinating and eye-opening!

12×16″, Acrylic on archival canvas panel (hardboard)
$295.00 plus $30 shipping and insurance within the Continental United States. Please email me at JamieWG@aol.com for International purchases or with any questions. For local sales, shipping charge will be allocated to NYS Sales Tax.

One afternoon, I was walking toward my studio door when I was struck by the light shimmering on the lawn and doorway, with the surroundings in shadow. I thought it would make an interesting value study, so I returned to the spot the next day with my Golden Neutral Gray acrylics. (As I’ve explained and showed previously, these are already premixed, so they make it very convenient to do the value studies that we all know we should be doing!)

I had a tough time getting the values to show correctly in the photograph. It’s ever so much easier to adjust the highlights and shadows in a photo than it is to do midtone adjustments. It looks so much better in person! In any case, I’m quite happy with the way the actual painting turned out. I am trying to use all my willpower to leave it as it is and not glaze it with color! Perhaps I will also do a color version in the future, and definitely there will be more monochrome paintings coming too.

Below is an image you can click on to get a larger, sharper view:

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